Monday, October 26, 2009

Green Pillowcase Dress

Please refer to this link for pillow case dress tutorial, Freshly Picked Pillow Case Dress.

And this is the pocket tutorial link from Made by Rae's Pleated Pocket Tutorial.
I haven't got a time to take picture of Jess in this dress, but will do soon. It's still a bit too big for her.

JRoz's blue dress

I was amazed when i saw this super pretty Spring Ruffle Top (Made by Rae) at sew mama sew, the color combination is so gorgeous, i wish i had the eye to mix match colors & patterns like Rae. My sewing purpose is to make many pretty things for Jess, so what's come to mind was making the top as her dress, i might made it into a top for her, but she'll grow fast, she's only 9months old now, i just hope this dress will fit her as a top later when she's bigger.

I omitted the pockets and made a bit additional, i put another ruffle at the bottom dress and sew a crochet flower to match the dress. And.. because my only 9months experience as a mom told me it'll be hard to get her into the dress, i make an opening in the back of the dress, so after googled up i found this easy to follow tutorial of making a placket, here at rusty bobbin.

Itty Bitty Dress in Batik

More than a year ago, before i found out i was pregnant, i took a sewing lesson, it should be a 1 year lesson, but then i got pregnant and with so many execuses i stop coming to the class after 2 months, shame on me, i'm thinking to go back to class, hmm.. so i only know a little basic of sewing, i'm not even good at straight line sewing, result never neat & straight :D But i love to sew and to try new pattern, here is my first attempt in making Jess's clothes, found this Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made by Rae, love it, but i don't know how to make piping, so i made a fake piping and.. it's the first time i made ruffle (sigh, took me a while to put them together, but now i'm getting better ha ha).

(right picture: my husband hold it for me ^^)
It's not neat at all, i know, but i'm happy with it. The fabric is Batik. Jess wore it on Indonesian Batik Day (left picture), October 2nd 2009, UNESCO made it official (yay!).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crochet Hat for my baby JRoz

Here is Jess with her pink crochet hat, the pattern come from a japanese book, Let's knit series "Mama & Grandmama Knit for Baby" (ISBN4-529-04151-4). I used thinner yarn, so it's not as fluffy as in the book.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crafty but not that crafty!

Mochi Needlecraft Home's blog was made to support my shop. But i'm a lazy blogger, couldn't find any words to write or anything to post. In these past years i've found some crafty hobbies, knitting-crochet-crossstiching-sewing-polimer clay, i think being crafty was hidden somewhere inside me all these times ^^, but i'm not that talented so i can create something new, that's said "crafty but not that crafty". So i'm going to post everything i love to make and i'm so grateful to find all the creative minds that made me want to make something.

About a week ago i made a purchase at Fat Quarter Shop, all the beautiful fabrics made me thrilled! So with a tight budget i chose some fabrics that looked so yummy. It is, i don't think i have a courage to make anything out of it :-s Oh, i also bought some fabrics at Superbuzzy, but they haven't arrived, i asked my pretty cousin, Jen, who lives in NY, to ship the fabrics. Some times i wish i live somewhere else where i could easily
shop fabrics, yarns & sewing tools.

Fabric: Ginger Blossom, Love U, Pink Simply Baby

If you have any idea what's good to make over these fabrics, please tell me! I'll post better pictures, i'm using my blackberry camera when i took this photo, since i got new sony cam, i will use it for sure.