Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crafty but not that crafty!

Mochi Needlecraft Home's blog was made to support my shop. But i'm a lazy blogger, couldn't find any words to write or anything to post. In these past years i've found some crafty hobbies, knitting-crochet-crossstiching-sewing-polimer clay, i think being crafty was hidden somewhere inside me all these times ^^, but i'm not that talented so i can create something new, that's said "crafty but not that crafty". So i'm going to post everything i love to make and i'm so grateful to find all the creative minds that made me want to make something.

About a week ago i made a purchase at Fat Quarter Shop, all the beautiful fabrics made me thrilled! So with a tight budget i chose some fabrics that looked so yummy. It is, i don't think i have a courage to make anything out of it :-s Oh, i also bought some fabrics at Superbuzzy, but they haven't arrived, i asked my pretty cousin, Jen, who lives in NY, to ship the fabrics. Some times i wish i live somewhere else where i could easily
shop fabrics, yarns & sewing tools.

Fabric: Ginger Blossom, Love U, Pink Simply Baby

If you have any idea what's good to make over these fabrics, please tell me! I'll post better pictures, i'm using my blackberry camera when i took this photo, since i got new sony cam, i will use it for sure.

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