Monday, October 26, 2009

JRoz's blue dress

I was amazed when i saw this super pretty Spring Ruffle Top (Made by Rae) at sew mama sew, the color combination is so gorgeous, i wish i had the eye to mix match colors & patterns like Rae. My sewing purpose is to make many pretty things for Jess, so what's come to mind was making the top as her dress, i might made it into a top for her, but she'll grow fast, she's only 9months old now, i just hope this dress will fit her as a top later when she's bigger.

I omitted the pockets and made a bit additional, i put another ruffle at the bottom dress and sew a crochet flower to match the dress. And.. because my only 9months experience as a mom told me it'll be hard to get her into the dress, i make an opening in the back of the dress, so after googled up i found this easy to follow tutorial of making a placket, here at rusty bobbin.


  1. I saw your comment at sew mamas blog and ... came here just to say GOOG JOB :)

    PS : Your baby is SO CUTE :)

  2. I also saw your post on Sew Mama Sew. You did a great job with your version. I plan to make a similar one for my little neice.

  3. What a fantastic job! Now that your 9 month old is almost 6 years old, I'm betting she has a fantastic wardrobe sewn by mom!